Saving Sanity

Add-Ons and Extras

Please note that the images below are slightly out of focus.  In addition, you cannot click on an image to open it and zoom in.  This is intentional for the protection of the product.  THE ACTUAL PRODUCT WILL BE CRISP, SHARP, AND CLEAR! Videos provide a good image of quality.

Birthday Tracker Glitter Only.

Birthday Tracker

Class Coverage Log Gender Neutral

Class Coverage Log

Extra Help Log Gender Neutral

Doctor’s Notes

Extra Help Log Gender Neutral

Extra Help Log

Extracurricular and Volunteer Log Gender Neutral
Hours Log Gender Neutral
IEP Records Gender Neutral
Lined Notes Gender Neutral

Extracurricular and Volunteer Log

Hours Log

IEP Records

Lined Notes

Makeup Work Log Gender Neutral.

Makeup Work Log

Gender Neutral

Meeting Notes - 4 Boxes - Gender Neutral

Medication Tracker

Meeting Notes - 4 Boxes - Gender Neutral

Meeting Notes – 4 Boxes

Meeting Notes - 4 Boxes - Glitter

Parent Communication Log

Monthly Budget Back Glitter


PD Log Gender Neutral

PD Log

Personal Attendance Log Gender Neutral

Personal Attendance Log

Phone Log Gender Neutral

Phone Log

Rosters Gender Neutral


Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation Notes (IEPs and 504s)