Saving Sanity


Why do I need a costly planner when I can get something less expensive ?
Think of it this way: if you use something 5 days a week for 180 days a year, don’t you want it to last? We get a number of customers every January who bought a less expensive planner that is falling apart and need another one. Our planners are made with premium products. They will not only last the entire year but they will look good as well. On top of that, Saving Sanity allows you to customize your planner. You will not have to rip out pages that you don’t need. You will not have to draw boxes or make the planner work for you. We do that for you! Make your life easier and stay organized by getting exactly what you need for the school year. It is an investment in your sanity!
What is the difference between a Standard and a Deluxe cover?

A Standard Cover is printed on Bright White paper. It is clean and simple and both the inner covers are plain white as well as the back cover of the book. A school or business logo is considered a Standard Cover as long as it is uploaded in PDF, JPEG, or PNG form and is clear and crisp.  Pictures are NOT Standard Covers, they are an upgrade.

Some people like a design that is standard but want it to put it on a watercolor or glitter paper.  We can do this for a $5 upgrade.  Be sure to check the correct box.

A Deluxe Cover is printed on a colored and often patterned paper.  Deluxe covers generally are two sided, meaning when you open your book, you will see a pattern on the inside of both the front and back covers.  The back cover of a Deluxe will not show normal specs of wear and tear as easily as the Standard Cover.  The cost is an additional $5.50 due to my having to buy the paper, have it shipped to me, cut it to size, and position the print.

Deluxe Covers are sometimes limited in stock due to discontinuations and/or shipping charges.  My advice is not to wait to order if you see something you like as there is no guarantee that when we sell out, we will be able to restock it.

These papers are NOT my own designs and are purchased through retail and online shops as a raw good which is being changed to be used within another product. There is no reproduction of paper nor is the paper being sold to generate income.

Custom pictures are considered Deluxe, despite being printed on Bright White paper, as they usually require editing!  They must be uploaded in PDF, JPEG, or PNG form and be clear and crisp.

Special requests are also considered Deluxe and usually start at $10.  This would be if you wanted me to design something that is not offered.  Contact me via email if that is the case.

Why is the 7x9 book the same price as the full-size planner?
Believe it or not, the smaller book is actually MORE EXPENSIVE TO MAKE!  The paper needs to be cut down and the dividers have to be sent out as they are a special size.  The biggest request we have received was to make a smaller planner.  We absolutely LOVE this planner and know you will too!
Why do students need planners when everything is online?
Organization is the key to success. The earlier a student starts forming the habit of writing down his/her assignments, studies show, the more successful they will be!

Keeping track of assignments on each teacher’s website becomes tedious and students often forget. Writing is proven to help students remember!

If students are on a block schedule where the class does not meet everyday, it is very easy to forget when an assignment is due if it is not written down.

Not only do these pages have check off boxes, but they have notes sections too. This can help students with long range planning and reminders for group work, etc.

A big notebook is hard to lose!!!

If you use something everyday of the school year, and divide the days by the cost, you will see that it is worth the money.

Do boys use these? YES!!! Most boys go with the school logo on the cover. We remove the “pretty” fonts and “man” the book up usually in blues and blacks!

How can I view this planner and learn a bit more about it?
Use the link on our home page to watch some of our Facebook videos.  We feature all different planners and answer tons of questions.
What should I do if I need help building my book or have special requests? What should I do if I want to give a teacher planner as a gift, don’t want to purchase a gift card, and have no idea what to put in it?

Email us at:

Include your name and phone number and give us a good time to call.  We help people “build” their books all the time and sometimes it is easier to honor special requests this way.

I had seen a cover that I really liked but when I went to order it is no longer there.
What should I do?

When we sell out of covers, we remove them from the choices.  If we restock, we add them back.  Generally, we try to restock our bestsellers but sometimes manufacturers discontinue them.  Our advice is that if you don’t have another choice, order your first choice as soon as you see it.

How do gift cards work as far as purchasing and redeeming? Can I give a planner as gift? Do you offer anything other than planners for gifts or purchases?

You may purchase gift cards directly on the website.  If you would like us to send it to the recipient, make a note of that at check out and be sure to type their address and not yours.  The gift card will be wrapped and a note will be included with your name on it.  There is no shipping charge for gift cards.

The gift card will have a PROMO code on it.  This is a one time use code only.  So if you want to give a certain dollar amount, the recipient has the option of adding to his/her planner by supplementing the cost. At this time, we will not be emailing gift cards.

Planners, Personalized Notebooks, and Book Journals all make great gifts.  We can ship directly to you or to the recipient. Please make a note of it at checkout and include the shipping address.

How long does it take to receive the planner once I place my order? What if I need it ASAP?
We encourage you to order early as all planners are made by hand and customized for each client.  No two planners are the same.  We try to fulfill orders as we get them but summer is our busiest time and you could be on a long list.  You will have your planner in time for the first of the month which your planner begins at.  For example, if you need it for September, you will have it no later than the last week in August.

We can do RUSH ORDERS.  This means that essentially, you want to “jump the line.”  The price to do that is $20 and the planner will be shipped Priority or you can pick it up if you are local to the Freehold/Howell, New Jersey area.  Generally, you will have your planner within a week after placing your Rush Order.

We want you to be happy with your planner but due to the customization of our product, we do not accept returns.  If there is a major mistake in the planner (that is our fault), we will fix it for you.  We ask that you recheck spelling and all of your choices prior to submitting your order.  If you made a typo, we have no way of knowing and covers will be printed EXACTLY as you spell on your order.  We can fix those but there is a fee to do so.  If the mistake is  ours, there will not be a fee. Contact us via email if you have any issues.
Is there a NJEA Code?


Please note, this promo code can only be applied to the The Traditional Teacher and cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer. It entitles you to 10% off the BASE price of the planner!